Wednesday, 14 February 2007

A few thoughts before we go

Last night we prayed for the trip. We'll be leaving comfortable homes for 10 days. It's a short trip. The people we'll be visiting live in these conditions year round, for their lives. Libby reminded us as we pack to go that Zakhira is one of the poorest slums in Delhi. There are about 6000 people living in Zakhira and it's one of the 1500 slums in Delhi. That's 1500 slums in one city. The people are referred to as "the untouchables" and are considered by many as less than animals and are treated as such. They have no running water, electricity or toilets. They share their homes with the animals they keep and many family members. Disease is rife. We have had a string of jabs, are taking antiseptic wipes and have to watch the water we touch, use and drink and the food we eat. For us just a week, for them a lifetime.
How is it that the world has places like this? How can we change this? Small steps is all we can try.