Thursday, 22 March 2007

Feedback from the Trip: Something to Listen to!

On Sunday, we all got together again to do feedback for the St.Stephen's congregation. We had decided to dress up. You've seen the ladies outfits so here is an idea of what the men wore. (It did take them longer to warm to the idea, but by the end of the week, they all looked very fine too.)

What we hadn't bargained on, was the very fine weather we'd had the previous week was replaced by chillier temperatures. I woke to hear driving sleet against my windows. (I'm in an attic room, so the sound was particularly clear!) My first thoughts were about the light cotton Salwaar Kameez, really meant only for an Indian climate, and the near zero UK temperatures! Anyway, we all wore our wonderful wraps and so were warm. Nervous energy about standing up to talk also heats the body!

We each had something to do in the service. The feedback section was recorded. It starts with a Bible reading by Val and then follows with Libby introducing the trip and then the rest of us have a few moments each to give you a flavour of various aspects of the trip. This mp3 recording is just over 30 mins long. This second recording is shorter. Introduced by Chris, it is followed by the "Arky Arky" song we sang with the children on the Friday and in the final prayer meeting we had.