Friday, 8 February 2008

A New Mission Heads for Delhi

They're off! The first of this year's St.Stephen's mission team have landed in Delhi and started their journey through a whole new life experience. Read about their trip here:

I met the teams in January when they did their fund raising event. The challenge was to have a team photograph outside as many of London's curry houses as possible. As there were 2 teams it was turned into a little bit of a competition. The "Big Curry Race" started at 9am and finished at 5pm or as soon as any form of public transport was used. I joined team one as a few of their members were not able to make the day and one requirement was to have 8 folk in each photograph. We lost the Challenge as we only hit around 114 (!) curry houses in the time, while the other team reached a 120 odd. Both teams won though, as it was a superb opportunity for the teams to get to know each other. Nothing like walking the streets of London chatting to start to get to know someone.

It was great fun. Specially as the evenign was concluded with a fine meal.. What else than a curry!

I will not be joining either of the teams this year as I am retuning on my own in March to do a month with Asha. More on that later, but briefly, I hope to be able to work with and teach the children in one of the slum settlements a little English.

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