Monday, 10 March 2008

I think she's got it...

"i think she's got it..." Well not quite yet, but the classes were much better today than last week. Thanks for the suggestions, links and thoughts sent. I have also found a website with some learning games for children. Today I gave each of the children a book to write in and a pen. So the lessons included some writing, which they seem to love, some games and a board race. All covering the bits we did last week.
Just to remind you of the scene. There are 2 groups, a mixture of ages 8 to 10 and then a mix of 11 - 15, with varying levels of little or no English. I found a few nice local children's books with nice short stories (just a paragraph long) in them, along with a few pictures. I plan to read one to them at the end of the lesson. I only did one with the little ones today and even this short story needed mime and drawing and pictures to help it along. Anyway, there was a lot more laughing and I think we all enjoyed it more. I certainly did, as they were much more involved. Now I just need to plan 8 more of those (for this week!)

I have always admired the patience and endurance teachers have and this only serves to underline that once more.


On How Life Is said...

Sounds like you're having a blast. It reads like a mixture of someone who is backpacking (and getting properly immersed in the culture), and someone who is doing some real good in the community.
I know that you will look back on this as being one of the most important points in your life, and its a pleasure to read.
Keep the posts up!


Kent Graziano said...

Hi Sue. Your adventures in teaching take me back to to my past as well - teachign English converstatin in Japan almost 25 years ago, then teaching tae kwon do to 4-5 year old a few years after. Both we challenging - you have the combination of both! I am sure the student's will learn much from you!

Sue said...

Thanks for the feedback. It's great to hear from you both.